what catch my attention

Really, after hangin out with friends and saw many good things, I really need to have much money. For much Aztec things, that cute sandals, bag, new classy clothes, pencil cases, stationery, and so much more. They're catch my attention. Oh, you can fit a shoes to my wishlist to. Hehe :) And after re-makeover from my sister shows me how to be a fashionista like my sissy friends, SIntha and Dea. Sintha is master AT fashion and She has so many clothes that I need to buy, and DEa with her fantasy that could make things cute. Ah, also! I love everythings that DEntria has! Her one of hobby is collecting cute stationary like me, so she step on me! How fuckin cute things She has :( just gimme one, dear huhuhu :( rrrr... What's again? Yeah, I need to eat ramen again :p Someday, I wish someone Will give me a cute shaped and coloured cake, I wished it when my birthday's coming but nothing :p Hmm, I think for now, just it. What catch my attention oh yeaaah, he catch my attention too <3

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