back to normal

good evening, every beauty amd handsome people in the world! lotta love from me since I never told anything to you, readers, again. my mood's back when everything looks like has been back to their normal condition, and i love it :) how's yours?

my wifi connection at home is in its bad condition for months. hemmm, maybe telkom already know that I pay lil bit for a huge connection? :p ah, never mind! anyway, I'm in my way to be a 3rd grader in senior high school. ugggghhhhhh. so I must concentrate my minds for one things: college. where will I go? what I'll be? do I really need to be a kind of money runner, or happy worker? answer, please. I don't want to regret it later. you also feel the same, eh people? so I think of it from now, and I'm frustrated yeaaaaahhhhhh. take me to your best way, God. another bad days, there's another good days.. like now, I live healthy with my aunt here and mom always buy me something every weeks. wow,howww, welcome healthy body (forget the sports). and my father said that I'm fat now :| *it'll be bad for every girls who hear it* so I'm trying to calm when I see food at home, hahaha. bless me please;;) hm, maybe it's short but it really meant to me. someday I'll post longer than this! wait for me, never get bored with my post okay <3 mucchosss love!

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