hellaww blogger! just updated my blog with new face, do you like it? 
and now I'm in my progress to clear anything, from my school stuffs until my needs.
  1. I really need to pass 3 exams (Bahasa, English, and Biology) by myself. I didn't attend those exams because I was having a bad day, or just say PMS. I wish I can return the time and pass it with my classmates.. wish me luck, please!
  2. I have to attend swimming test, for this or one week again, and it makes me frustrated. I can't swim well, and I don't know how to do chest stroke. last week, I was ready for the test but "girl's monthly accident" block me to attend it. how sad I am, knowing that the moods for swim is rarely happens to me.
  3. this mid semester test makes my day. this is the happy part, where I can go home faster and do many things in room, or just play plant versus zombie to kill my boredom. but, the bad part is where I can't answer the question, like physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry. I get bored with these 2 weeks test.. God, I need holiday. 
  4. my stationary is lost. not all of it, but some of. I need to buy many, MANY things at gramedia, or just Gunung Agung Book and Stationary store. (spectra papers, new ruler, tip ex, pencils, drawing pen, notes, post it, stabilo, etc) fyi, I'm a stationary freak. 
  5. I want to change my blackberry's case, mine was already broken. the LCD is so messy, and I don't like it. would you tell me how to save money quickly? -or.. mum, just buy me new one! hehe-
  6. I don't have any money to other things, yes mom give me some money but it's just enough for one week primary needs, not the others need. whereas I need to buy new bag, clothes, shoes, and many other things that rounded my mind.
  7. I am getting fat again. I eat and eat for this two weeks at 9P.M, and I didn't do any acts that could burn calories in my body. sure, I need to use my brackets for my reason to diet again, quickly!!!!
always like this. when I want to write on you, blogeey, I think there's too many things I would share, but when I already write it, it looks like 1/100 part of my story. so just it, things I want to share on you today :) still hoping the best for this mid semester's test, and I must be the lucky one. good-bye! can't wait to tell you some stories again. smooch :*

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