Mid Semester's Test

freak. I don't even have a mood to studying now :|
so here I am, blogging, surfing, have fun! like tomorrow's not a mid semester's test. I just want your wishes to make my scores good, peoples. that's why I'm posting here! :D I will d this things after mid test :
  • go to sindhu beach with rania and rima, having quality time!
  • have much money to buy ring. I like wearing this accessories right now
  • have pass indonesian, english, and biology test because two days ago I was sick :(
  • swim! I want to learn how to swim rightly :| 
  • have so much fun day with my bitches, actually :D
so this is. hope my mid test will be a good test, hope I'l be the lucky one! keep supporting me please :)
muchos love, intenhenyp! xoxo

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