october, nice month please!

uh-oh. it's already october, rite..
that's mean you'll have another journey in another october. happy october, bloggers and whole people :)
remembering about my september's, it's fine. I didn't have any big problem that can't be end (except my little problem with swimming, and exams). and I have a boyfriend at september, hey :D
yes, I always have so many wishes in my mind, there are some that have been granted in the previous month, and many more that aren't granted for this month. like my wishes, for now:
  1. have good score for mid test, and already pass those three exams (remind you about biology, english, and bahasa rite?) I hope I won't have no reason to stay at home and studying always and alwaaays. I want to make my parents proud of me.
  2. have much money, as I expected. yeah, I always wishing this one, but it's hard to do when your stomach want to eat and eat delicious food with different kinds everyday. so, would someone remembering me about this one when you see me buy so many foods for one day? please.. I'm beeggingggg....
  3. have a great days with my friends, family, and boyfriend :) I know we're rarely have a quality time, but I really missing you both a bunch, Deaaaa!, Sintha, Tolek, Rania, Rima, Mum, Dad, my sister Poe, and brothers Yoga and Bayu. (Dea is very very busy because she'll join EBL contest. miss you so much, dea..)
  4. long lasting with my dear yp (I bet you know him). we'll having our first month this 7th. I hope he'll stay like this, ohhh man I loved his funny acts so much <3 but he is busy at that day, and we couldn't have one full day together. fight for your job, yp!
  5. get new BAG. I don't have any good bags that can be used for so many thick books for school. mum had promise to me that she will give me new bag when she'll go out somewhere with my sister. please mum, I need it rite now. please. 
  6. get new stuffs for my room. I need more...... ugh. so many things I want for my room. like b&w pictures with black frame. someone, please give me one hehe ;;)
  7. notebook's case. because I haven't it and I always bring my notebook with it's big black bag, and it's soooooooo last year, knowing that my bag isn't enough for the big black notebook's bag.
wow. I always thinking about all my wishes, and those are my biggest 7 wishes, what about your wishes? I hope we'll get our wishes come true, time by time. be a nice month, october! I know you can.
source: originally by me

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