70 facts about me

  1. I love being happy
  2. I have two brothers and one sister, also happy parents
  3. I was born on 22nd january 1995, and now 16 years old
  4. I love my teddy bear, it's funny cute
  5. I love my avolution, and X9 onenine smansa
  6. I love shopping, but not aholics one
  8. I have many bestfriend like Sintha, Rania, Dea, Cyntia, Rima, Frangipani Nandha, Ichak, Grace, Ina, Maya and many others. I heart 'em
  9. I always called "crazy"
  10. I'm a lemon tea addicted
  11. I hate backstabber
  12. Taylor Swift's biggest fan
  13. I like listening to the music
  14. I hate someone that doesn't care to me like HER
  15. I like acting like beyotch, stab my backstabber
  16. I love Bruno Mars
  17. I like branded one, but not addicted with it
  18. I like blogging
  19. hate my old friend, blablabla. she is the worst bitch that I've ever seen
  20. I love to have a pokerface
  21. I like a cute photograph, like weheartit.com, not like others
  22. fat? maybe, and I don't want this
  23. I have bad teeth, and want to used bracket as soon as possible!
  24. doll addicted, especially teddy bear and domo-kun
  25. I love my old bestfriends until now, Chintya, Surya, Wiswa, and Sonia
  26. I like to collect stationary
  27. quarelling with my sister is my bad habbit
  28. I don't like when someone that I think my bestie like what I like, tweet what I tweet, and others. backstabber!
  29. have the greatest brother in the world. he's kak Dwipa
  30. I like turqoise, red, lime, and hot pink colors
  31. my boyfriend is my blackberry (or white berry, uh?)
  32. still labile, love crying when I need to smile
  33. photoshop freaks one , he he heee
  34. like to held a party or preparing a gifts to everyone when they're in a birthday
  35. I like to think that people hate me for no reason
  36. love tweeting when I'm in a badmood temperature
  37. love RAIN, the smell of it and the condition
  38. don't like shit words, oh you can call it sweet
  39. love to checking somebody's timeline
  40. I'm not clever, but I'm 100% lazy
  41. use glasses, and it makes me feel bad
  42. affraid to losing someone (read the related number of me and you'll know wh's that human)
  43. I have Purwa, Vikan, Ableh, Gdd, and others as my brothers or crazy friends
  44. it's better to use t-shirt than dresses 
  45. I love mini dress, but don't like to wear it 
  46. I'm an Indonesian
  47. I really really want to go to Paris, London, and go shopping!
  48. I'll choose to having time with friends and family than anything
  49. I love lolipop, whirly pop, and many kinds of -pop
  50. I like to talk loudly when I'm with my bestfriends
  51. I love Sitta Karina's, and Agnes Jessica's tale
  52. still drawning in fairy tale world, adore it a much
  53. I hate when my maid's not at home
  54. I love frozen yoghurt 
  55. I hate my hair when the shape is not good anymore
  56. I hate when people talks about me behind
  57. I don't know about myself when noboy tell me
  58. sometimes, I hate being the second children
  59. I love polka dots, especially pink and black
  60. I hate when people think they're cool and famous
  61. I like the simple one, like Agyness Deyn does
  62. t-shirt and hotpants is my daily style
  63. I like drawing but I can't
  64. I like writing poem, and I have one book of it
  65. nobody knows that I 'm fragile
  66. I'm not PRETTY
  67. I don't have much money
  68. I like driving
  69. made this because I can't write 100 facts about me, it's too much
  70. and the 70 facts about me's end :D

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