ubud fun trip

those are the picture that tooken this evening at ubud. we have a fun trip there! (me, my sister, rania, and her brother) the places we went :
1. Kakiang bakery shop : funtastic, with a small place that serve best bakery in ubud, but I tried cream puff and I don't like it much --"
2. Campuhan : the best place in Ubud to take some pictures, and jogging or riding bicycles. I took many photos there :D
3. Naughty Nuri's : prokys ribs, and the place is haute couture. the taste of food there is awesome! you must try this!
we had a lot of fun this day, and next, maybe we'll go to beach/seminyak, maybe? just wait for next trip :) sorry, I just can tell you a little bit, bugz. I have to go to sleep rite nw. tomorrow I'll go to Besakih temple with my friends. nite!mwahhh

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