wink wish!

welcome June. yeah, welcome. 
I'm not really interested with new month. cause I have save my wishlist, for a long time and never really get it.
(you can laugh now, well, well, I'm laughing myself..) I hope, really hope, June will be a good score day, and perfect holiday. please, make a deal with me, June. I really, really beg you.

1. Go to beach.
I've promised Rania and Rima to go to beach after final exams. (wish on this month.)

2. iPhone/iPod
I want to have my own. I have iPad, but it's to big to bring and I share it with my sister. (wish from last january, and really really want it.)

3. Macbook Air
I want a new laptop. my old one is good, but I want mac!! (wish since I have my compaq) 

 4. Saving Money!!
I need to save my money to buy everything I want on my list. It's hard, sooo hard. (wish since I'm a senior high school's student. HAAARD.)

 5. Eat Everything I want
Have a good body with my eat habbit would be hard. (since I feel fat.)

6. Polaroid Camera
I want this one because it's just cute. (since I have my Canon 60D, and everybody used it. I NEED TO BUY THIS.)

7. Pouch Bag
To put all of my girl things, so it wouldn't hard to find it in my school bag (since I saw Sintha's pouch. Really want it)

8. New Shoes Collection
I tried to be a good fashion girl, but I have no shoes. shoes is IMPORTANT, my sister said. (since I love fashion. Really, really, want it.)

9. Shorts, Pants
I need the good one. (Since I have minim shorts and pants.)

10. Skirts
I love skirts. the "renda-renda" one. Hehehe. (Since my sister bought me one.)

11. VEST!!!!
Don't ask me why, I want it since I found a good one at Beachwalk.)

12. Bags
I don't have much, and mine are so last year. I need it. (since I see everyone's bag are really good. REALLY LURVES AND NEED IT.)

13. Novels and Comics
My hobby is reading novels, comics too. (Since I bought my last novel.)

14. Have a Monthly Shopping at Hypermart or Anywhere
Buy anything I want. ANYTHING.. (Wish from this month, hm, I want to do this.)

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