sweet tuesday, isn't it?

good evenoon everybody! :)
I'm back again, (AGAIN) into you. I miss writing something on my blog, so here I am. mmmm, there's much things to write on, but usually I couldn't retell you about what it is. as always. hehe, but it'll be enough if I just post something that you have no interest with, eh? :p
what's first? (count minutes by minutes, and I still don't know what to write.)
okay, well, 3rd grader in my school'll get their graduation. oh, this time for us, second grader, will through a hard moment, final exams, and will get into 3rd grade of our school. it's hard for me, because I still don't know what I am soon to be, I don't have any hopes or dream to become something. doctor? my dad ask me, but if I have another dreams, just do it. but the matter is I don't have any ideas. :| could you tell me how to find your real dreams, reader? I must be confused. and I will going to find this, as soon as possible :) bless me.
another dramas? yeah. I have someone who WAS close to me, but now we're not. now I know I'm not worth it for someone who's sooooo pathetic, egoism, and two-faces. (well, well, you can say I'm two faces but don't be angry, everybody does.) pray for that people, okay? I hope you'll realized that this post's related to you, and I don't want to say anymore that could drown your popularity, bastaaaarddddd :) 

then? tomorrow is my first day of final exam, but I'm still reading new novels. (you know, I rarely buy novels because of my money crisis :p) and I want AGAIN. want to buy so many novels at bookstore, but I have another wishes, sweater, sandals, bags, new clothes, my wardrobe is so old fashioned. I hope there'll be someone who will give me a gift, and that's everything I want :D oooh, that cute rose too T_T why everybody get it, this month? I haven't received any roses since last year february from my friends. I don't like rose too much, but I'm a girl too, fellas! :D

ookaaaay, maybe I just want to post this, see you again, I'm gonna study hard! good bye :D

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