another 7th date

hello, bloggers! 
this is my 9th 7th date with ynprtm hehe :D would u mind to congratulate me? :D
I have too much journey on tuesday and wednesday that you won't lose. hmmm, start from tuesday!
at tuesday, I went to sintha's house with tolek, and without dea, because her dad didn't allow her to go :( we having so much fun, although we just took some photos and eat noodles, because sintha can't use her kitchen to cook us some excellent food, there's sooo many people in her kitchen :p and yesterday? we went to roti canai bunana, seminyak square, and starbucks, with dea absolutely! :D
there's so much fun, I feel something that I haven't feel this years, this's our first time hanging out like one year before. this's great, how we know time goes and people changed, but we're still there. love ur day, guys!
my newest novels and comics
my passion teaaaa!!!!

a sweater from yana :)

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