runaway, let's say hello november!

long time after my last posting, eh?
so I'm here now, with so many problems round my head. fuch! it's about control myself, when I can't helped to say everyhting, EVERYthing in front of my friends, even if they're not my close friends. and they tell all my problems with everyone they meet. GADDD I wanna scream!! I must learn how to keep my mouth closed. one says, the best things to do is runaway, far far away for a moment.. how could I do that? yeah here I am, with my own "runaway" kinds. and when my problems are solved one by one.. let's say, hello november! LOUDLYY<3 my hopes are...
  1. Get a better 7 number o:)
  2. Get my Jakarta's ticket soon!!
  3. There's no problem again like Octoberohell.. So done with October!
  4. I could gain my money, so I wouldn't ask my dad or mum for something I could buy by myself.
  5. Rain will comes every sunday morning, and it makes me feel much happier :)
  6. Get so much quality sleep ;)
  7. Could have many times to hang out, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!<3<3
  8. I will focusly study hard... (can I?)
  9. Happiness will come to me, everyday.. 
  10. The internet's connection in my house will get better soon! it's soo lambrettoooo
  11. Get my lost adobe after effect and illustrator.......
gee, I almost forget my runaways kind! you would know? here these all:
Cry makes me better, although it can't help me solved my problems.. And this october, I have uncounted tears run down my face.

 Have Fun
I love to having fun, I need it more than before now. I miss my hang out time with bestfriends, not faking smile on my face.
Runaway Somewhere, Just With My Dolls
No one knows, and I could go anywhere until nights, until I'm tired, sleep, to forget all my problems.

Have you ever heard, that scream could lose you stress, even a moment? Yes, I heard and believe it. 

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