can't describe

there's so many things that you can't describe :
* when you love someone, but you're too confused. if he loves you too, or not.
* when you get a heartache and you wanna cry out loud, but you can't tell how much it hurts.
* when you're totally in love, you feel very happy and you would share it to everyone in this world.
* when you don't know, must you hold on or just let go..
* when you love&hate one person in the same time.

am I just scared? or too pathetic? I don't know why I can't believe him, that he loves me as much I love him. those past just make me feel bad. I know, I'm not that crazy, that cute, beautiful, clever, or skinny or sticky like his past. I'm just... me. the bad, boy-ish, with my short hair and sneakers. I can't be funny like she did. but I tried. I never heard that you say "hey, she's my one, she's far away better than my past and I love her so much." never. but I hope..... :( yu don't even think that I got some pain when I see his photos with the "past" girl. yah, you'll never know. how it kills me when I can't hear something you'll say that'll make me feel you really loves me, more than you love her, or whatever! I follow your way, dude.

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