teddy bear

Love me? It means love my teddy bear, too. Yeah, I'm so in love with teddy bear, or just the bear. I think bear is a warm and kind animals, and it'll comforts me.. Especially my Eddy Bear <3 I like to hug it when I sleep, tell it many stories of me, and cry in front of it when no one seems care. My Eddy Bear knows everything of me, my stories, and who I love. he's 10 years now, so old right? My mom give me Eddy Bear when I was infected by smallpox virus, and I can't go out. So there's a small brown teddy bear in my room, and Mom told me to play with teddy bear when I bored. I don't like my Eddy Bear first, because I like my sister's dog doll. But after a long time, I can fall in love with Eddy Bear until now. How I love my Eddy Bear! 

P.S : Sorry I can't share the photos because the doll's broken already. I can't take photos of it. T.T

"In a world gone bad, a bear - even a bear standing on its head - is a comforting, uncomplicated, dependable hunk of sanity." -Pam Brown

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