yaaaaaay! hello blog, it has been long time when I tell you my last story. and now I'm here, in my cute bed room! aaaaah so missing yew x( you know what?! I'm a 2nd grade senior high school student now :D cool, isn't it? but, in the end I can't stay with my X9 in my new grade, because there's a rolling system from Mr. Suardika. so, XI IPA 5, is my new class, with my new classmates (although vikan, gek rahma, galih, and gus andika are my X9 mates) but hell, I don't have to be sad. we're just separated by walls, and still stay in the same school, smansa. so when I miss them both, I'll just have to walk into their classes, and tadaaaaa :D we meet again. *inside my heart, it's a lil bad when I know I will not be with my X9 again... and XI IPA 5, hope you all will be my bests, my partners, ah, I'm happy with this class :) because it's mean I'm not that stupid to go to new school. hehe :3 yeah, XI IPA 5'll be raaaawkkkkk! will love you, class! :D

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