hmmm.. this. is. for. my. snail. brain

blogeey, I think I'm in my way to be a senile person. yaaaaa, I don't even remember what things I like, what things I have, and everything. so I'll test my brain with asking something important (or you can read it : UNimportant)

  • what things do you like? I like doll -especially teddy bear!-, stationary, my laptop, warm clothes, backpacker's bag, and... uhm, what?!
  • what drinks do you like? I like lemon teaaaa! watermelon juice, lime water, tea, I hate coffee. 
  • what foods do you like? I like... uhm, oh, I forget it -__-
  • what colors do you like? I like RED, grey, pink, violet, soft purple, lime, and orange :3
  • what novels do you like? sweet comedy, horror-noo! ah I don't even remember it.
yeah, see? I don't remember the small things like those shits.

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