already July!

great day in your first day of the month's physically suggest you about what you'll get the next, next, next day. yawn, my first day? BAD. in the morning, I had a fight with him, my mom, and a problem at school. gee, how about my next, next, next day?

silly me, get mad at someone just because of a small thing. but now, I regret it. I'm sorry :( I swear I won't be that childish anymore :3 promise, promise! remembering it's already July, remembering about the school's stuff too. I don't know, I'm not that interested again. all I wanna do is stop the time and get my bed time full.. aw! great idea, hehehe :D it's 2 week again, to go to school again, to have a routine thing, to have muchos homework, to have a new class *sigh, I hope Rima will get the same class with me again*, to have little time at home. wonder it? I. Just. Don't. Want. To. Go. To. School. For. The. Routine. Again. 

*PS: I write this while sigh-ing for many times.

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