girls day out

goodmorning the last day of holiday :|
how's your holiday? was it fun? or.. sick? or bored? my holiday's in those type. fun, sick, and bored. the first day is the bored one. I wen to school and met my X9 at pak Lik's resto, then go to denpasar junction and go somewhere with someone (I can't tell you this! :p) and that day was the terrible day with my ill condition. the second day's fun, I went to sindhu beach with rania, and shared may things and story. then we go to Rima's and take some crazy photos! also eat pancake ala Rima Queen (yuhuuuu)

the third dayyy! I went to centro with bitches, Dea Sintha and Caca. we do many things there, tried many clothes, sour sally, burger king, KFC, and the last was amazone and the beach! we scream loduly and laugh out loud when played at amazone. we're there until 6 p.m, where the sunset begun but we can't watch it..  in the night, Sintha's mother served us with dinner and it's bunch! wowww I love you, tan! hehe :D and this is the last day of holiday, and I'll do nothing, maybe? cause I have a headache :( but the three days holiday's so much fun to me. thanks to Rania, Rima, Sintha, Dea, and Tolek a.k.a Caca yaaww, I love you ndel :3<3

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