happy silent day universe :)

good morning bugz, good morning universe :) happy silent dayyy!
(just for Indonesian people) how about your morning? try to go out from home? udaranya msh fresh banget, tanpa ada asep2 mobil motor dkk. you must try it! :D for hinduism one, don't forget to realisation the rules. <3
SEPI. yaaa, it's too lonely here. can't watch television, eat something, oohh blaahh. but doesn't mater cause I have you, bug! (please don't tell my mum) so.. what must I do? disini sama sekali ga boleh ngapain. my mum and pup won't give me. jd aku sembunyi sembunyi online d kamar and tell you something bugzzzz <3 baru jam 8. kebayang, lamanya besok? jadi daritadi kerjaanku buka facebook, weheartit, tumblr, and you. ohyaa! I've edited some photos about me in Liga Karmany. here it is --->

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