fuahh! gdevening blog! today is the first wifi-fixed day. akhirnyaaaa.... I can post something on you! aftr a long day, the wifi is broken and no one would help me to fix it. but thanks blackberry, you're my soulmate :DD and today, Aditya Oka Pratama remembering abt our past, then I remember it, too.. and I would like to tell you a lil bit abt my love story :3

my FIRST boyfie -> Putu Aditya Oka Pratama.
he's kind, cool, cute, with his childish face, but he's fat when he had broke up with me, and I don't like his face automatically. phew, 1year and six months, isn't short for me. I'd cry many times for him, we fight, we laugh, we sing, we'd do many things together. but yeah, nothing special! (it's out yaaaa dari spesialnya PDKT-ku sama dia yg lama banget. 6 months!) and.. we love avril lavigne! sometimes, avril's song that can makes us still connected until this time. heyy, do you remember about avenged sevenfold, too dit? :p

my SECOND boyfriend -> Grahadintha Pramaeswara Nanta
he's... handsome? guitarist, funny, kind, and romantic. our anniversary was at 07290509. it's 1year and 6months, too. the same with adit. the special things about him are bunch! he always sing a song when I wanna sleep everynight, he gave me teddy bear and always gave me teddy bear, he often send me a mail although we had a handhpone. he can follows teddy's sound, too. and the one that I couldn't forget -> he cheated me with the other girl when he got a serious ill.  the fact? I wouldn't remember you, I never regret to broke up with you, but I miss all of romantic things that you'd do. ?!?!?!?!?!?!

weeeelll, just that. 2 exboyfies are much for me. I wouldn't do my fault twice, like I choose my first SHS's boyfie. and maybe I'll choose someone that.....
1. would bring me his jacket when I'm cold.
2. makes me laugh when I'll get angry.
3. sweet to all my friends, and specially bestfriends!
4. and my mom likes him.
5. I don't search for the perfect one, but I want the person that has a perfect love that he'll giving to me. :)

and, HBD SinthaDewi for tomorrow!!

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