my...... unforgotable day.

good night 19th february ;)
it's too fast, isn't it? hah. today's my unforgotable day. I lost my money, and it's 600 thousand rupiahs. I can't buy anything too much again. huhu and my compaq's used by my sister without tell me before she took it. HOW CAN? hey sister, you're allready has one, too! why must you use mine? so this time I can't surfing too much time, fuaaah. bad day, really.
but I loved it when I do many activities in my extra, KISS~1 Denpasar. we had a game this evening, and I'm in 7th group! (just believe me, number 7 is my soulmate)and we WON!!!! woohooo, my lucky number has worked hard for it. <3 we have a lot of fun in KISS~1 Denpasar. although everyone said that KISS is a jerk's or a studyharder's extra, it's not kinda the people thinks. me? I'm not the clever, or studyharder one but I love this extra. with many friendly friends, and love, wo'd do the game happily. so I forget those badmoods maker for a little while but I remember it again when I'm home. just please make me happy, blog :"
uhmmm.. it's about someone. the coolest boy ever. just want to tell, don't bring me a huge of wishes and hopes with all of your smile. I prefer to be hurted now, than must cry all day when I've loving you for a thousand days.. thanks! ;)

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