welcome february and happy bday rania arihuda agung adhyaksaaa :)

wow. great. this day much of my friends were born. they get the same birthdayyy. woooohoo!
keep cheerup this month, hey friends!
first, HBD to my sistahh Rania Ayu. she's my sister's boyfie's sister. long story? haha. she's 16th years now. get a wishes from ur cupcakes, sayaaang :* next: my classmates. Agung Adhyaksa and Arihuda Eko Prasetya. they're 16th years now? ohGod.. AM I THAT OLD? (don't mind this). so I made one picture in photoshop for rania. it takes a few time, fiuuhhhh. HBD, HBD TOYOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ALL ⊂◉‿◉つ

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