being single

SINGLE. is that easy?
          there's many single people in the world. why don't they choose one? why they're loving someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes? only love knows. (do you know that I loved someone's boyfie?)
          first, I think being single was happy. yeah, happy. there's no fight, no pulse, no disturber, and many again. I feel that in my first week at senior high school, my beloved SMANSA. so I laughed, I smile, I go everywhere with my new friends, in my new world. I think it's funny when you don't think about boy, or heartbreaks. and.. finally I feel it to one person. UUK -this name was given by dea- GOD.. I don't know it'll be a night\mare for me. he's sweet, kinda gentle, funny, oooh what a boyyyy! but that time I forget I still hv a boyfie. long distance. so he stopped messaging me or bbm-ing me. godness.. I looks like stupid one. breaks someone's heart to get uuk's heart. from that accident, my lovestory had broken. HA-HAAAAA.
          so, dyou think being single is happy? fun? I don't think so if you had boyfie for 1years 6months twice and now, you're and ordinary single for 6MONTHS? it isn't fun again. cause I love someone's boyfie and it hurts. he makes me jealous all the time cause he always tell me about his gf. wtfckuuu! :'( I'm in my proggres to stop thinking about him. he's.. crazier! and my fav words, "where the hell is my supermann?!" still the same. I don't have my own hero. my love. my story. erghhh it isn't fun again!
          what about your own "single" description? tell me <3

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