Shippin' Voyage, A Very Late Post

Good September everyone!
Finally I'm back. Say Horay? Hoooorrraaaaaaay!!! :D I'm sory for making you wait for my new post, uh everybody knows being a 3r grader in high school is being busy, confused, no directions. Where'll I go after this? What will I do? Am I right to choose this college? Questions in my mind. I'll talk about my last event in school this months, yeaaa class stand yo. This event is only come two years once. And me, as the 50th generation of sman 1 denpasar get a chance to make this event, and my class stand's name is "Shippin Voyage". Why? Because in our first discussion, all that we talk about is food travelling, again and again. We named it "Travel Around World" first, but it's too simple then tadaa! here it comes Shippin Voyage from Chinese and French's Language that means: Food Travelling. When we do the preparation, it makes me sick because we just have 2 days to decorate the room, lucky me, I'm ill just in the last day of the stand :) Oh well since I can tell a story well you just have to see the pictures. Without no edit in photoshop or others!!!

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