all I want for september is... things

yea don't blame me for late wishes on september, but I can't hold it! I need to share it with you all so I could tell someone who wanna give me gifts what i really want for september. hehe :p welcome september, everybody! counting few more days with him, in ONE YEAAAAAR! yes here, in Bali, we're in our 2 weeks holiday for celebrating hinduism day, holly day, Galungan and Kuningan. So yesterday when I have one free day without caring a 4th grader children in my house, I went to beachwalk with Yana and got one shoes that I search for a long time, and got more than 50% discount! can you imagine you just need to buy something and got it with half price? priceless. I lurve and I'll keep you safe, shoes. hehe. And two days ago, me with mom went to Centro Discovery Shopping Mall and find one shirts, and lace shorts. I'm not regretting this, buy anything I want but now my money is...... zero. hiks. need to save more money for my sept's wishes. mmm, keep. watching. my. blog. readers. here is my wishes:

source from we heart it and fashiolista

Long skirts, skirts, asymetric skirts, bags, collar clothes, bags, scallop shorts, new peach converse or vans, denim shirts, blazer!!!! I reaaaaally want one cute blazer to stay in my wardrobe. please, readers? :(

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