it's too... routine

Routinity is one thing that I don't like too much. I hate when I feel I'm doing the same things everyday, wake up, school, home, gossip girl's marathon movie, trying to study, then sleep, and awake for doing the same thing, again. well, before I'm writing on you right now, I think there's much mind blowing like "I'm gonna tell this on you!" but it always fail. why I can't write things on my mind freely on you? maybe I'm a bad blogger, sorry for that but I wanna share a story with you badly. just don't know how.
I'm in my new shots lately, with my skinny body things, trying to focusing on study things, etc etc. I just wrote it on my post-it so I won't forget. bless me, people! Err.... you did know that I'm craving for buying a much of new clothes from my lastest post, and.. I can't. I don't now why it is so hard to saving money, and when you have much, you don't wanna buy anything from those money. maybe this's what my parents try to told me, that cost much money from your own is kinda, hurt. right? thanks for giving me a lessons, mum, dad. <3 p="p">
geeeeez, maybe I should stop writing. this bloigging things is making me thinking too hard about what I'm gonna write, and I hate that when I'm trying but the end is your post is about random things, so... I'm trying to say good evening, have a nice day people :)

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