I'm 17th Years Old

I'm back, yes I'm back. sooo sorry with my late post because I was celebrate Galungan day, people! it's Hinduism day. so I'm here now, and I'm 17th. WOOOOHOOOOO *sorry, too happy* I'll get my SIM (surat izin mengemudi)* card, so I can drive a car and motorcycle without worrying anything :D

much of photo frames, Luuurve it.

anw, my birthday was so cute. unpredictable. I think I knew it since my aunt tell me that my friends will come to my house. but they just did it, they come to my house but I didn't feel it, and they sing Happy Birthday to me from behind, and..... surprised. I'm happy, thank you beloved! And the next day, I treat them at Wr. Subak. Maybe this's so simple for whoever who celebrate their 17th birthday party, but for me, a little cute surprise from my closed friends have made my day. Thankyou, Sintha, Dea, Tolek, Rima, Rania, Inak, Kiki, Ratih, Mayak, Frang, Icak, Yana, Indra, Vikan, Dik Chacha, MOM, Dad, Kak Poe, Kak Dede, X9, XIP5, ooh. I can't say it all. Very much, for every love that you can give at my birthday. <3

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