we just never realize

everybody always think they're the best. yes, I do regret that. me, as an example feel it too. when someone talking shits behind my back, I think he/she is the only one to blame, and I never face the truth, that me, I am, can be blamed too. have you ever wonder, there's some mistakes that you did will make someone angry? will make the other disappointed? yeah, this is the problem. when you feel you're not wrong, everybody blame you. missunderstanding. and maybe you'll start to hate them, who blame you, or just talking behind your back. don't you ever realize, that you have did the same things too, behind their back? just please don't be sarcastic. we're all the same. talking bad behind, faking laugh and smile. we try to be friends, we fail of it. we're human, we can't be perfect. we can be slut, we can be angel. we always randomly changed our mood, yeah, imperfect! just realize it, and you will not be that confused..

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