little diaries

it's just about all of my daily life and problems, also the happiness in it :D
my school, SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar will hold a gorgeus event, Gempita Karmany Smansa a week again (17th September 2011) I feel excited! for sure. I hope I can wear my fresh Body and Soul's jumpsuit, with tltsn's pink flat shoes that day. it is the first time I bought jumpsuit, or dress look alike because my sister and my mother feel interested to dressed me up. we went everywhere, every boutique, just to find lovely dress for me. thankyou, big thanks for my mom and sister. hehe :D and I wonder about my friend's comment after seeing me wearing the girly clothes. (fyi, I never use something girly before, although it just a jumpsuit) whoeee, that night, will be a perfect day! I'll post my photos with friends after that. so much love :)


  1. Can't wait loh, natik ajak mepotrekan :D

  2. Yuk dandan yang cantque, nantik ajak mepotrek :D

  3. hahaha it's sound funny! <3 can't wait yaa bun