back to normal, please

hallo, blogger :)
today.. I just feel so depressed. yeah, I do my daily activity like usual but.. I just miss something. I miss the things called, freedom. I always think of it. when I can stay in my room for hours, have quality time with my mom and dad, or just have a dinner together. they never get angry, but I don't like this. hey, I just want to have a day with my family! can't I? just for one day, weekend. you can have the another day, except my weekend. I don't want to go anywhere, or avoid my obligation, if you said like that. just imagine how's life if you live without your parents, family, but you can't meet them at weekend. how sad. you can say that I'm a lazy one or liar, but I really miss my family, just so you know. 

P.S: this is for someone who said that I avoid my obligation. just shut up, I never believe a boy can say something bitchy until I know you. just watch your mouth.

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