I'm Not Fine

the date after 13th July 2011. yeah, I'm not that fine. :|
in the morning I had a small fight with my mom about the brackets. why the doctor's so confusing me? she always there when I don't want to find her, and when I get my time she's not there. gah, looks like she's an unprofessional one. and my mom';s getting angry of it. *no, she's not angry with the doctor but she blame me about that.*
so here I am, with bad condition after Smansa Journalist Club's 18th birthday. with a headache, toothache, and every-ache that I can feel. (yeah, I tell you this story when I'm still laying on my bed) and I had.. a little problem with him, or you can called him everything you want, geey. I know that he loves me, but the reality's not the same with my feeling. he never tell me, he never care about me, he never try to describe what he feels, and the worst one is we're..... just friends. hahahahaha too much. too much problem about me. I'm so sorry if I can't tell you my good story, cause I have nothing. you can tell me that I'm too selfish, childish, or whatever. just so you know, I just wanna share it with you, cause I can't tell every people I meet, it just makes me feel.. I'm the one to blamed. thks


  1. hi, makasi ya dek ud follow :)
    inten angkatannya awi ya? kemarin aku dtg lho pas ultah jurnal :D
    btw, i hope you get better today dek, wishing you the best :)

    p.s I am following you too <3

  2. makasi kak :D ya kak , angkatannya awi.. hehe :3