the results

  1. allready wear brackets.. urgh. BUT I MUST! T-T the doctor's have to going to place that's so far away, so I can't continue this mission. urgh
  2. save much money for girls day out ;) I always use my money, everyday. and I lost all of it.... gee
  3. have a reunion with my avolution, hopefully yeah, there's no one cares about it. it's just my hope, in the end
  4. fully rested.. without no illness I had a bad health, for these 2 months.
  5. go to school with smile! no doubt ☑ yihaaa, this's because of my friends! XOXO
  6. hang out with sintha, dea, tolek, icha, frang, rania, rima, X9 absolutely! we can't go anywhere because we have different business, hiks :'(
  7. get new school stuff, such as the uniforms, shoes, and.. bag I don't get the kewl shoes and bag. and, forget to buy uniforms at school. hehe
  8. buy new marker, spectra papers, and it must complete T-T ☑ yeah, I just got the marker. and the paper's still on my bucket, so? :3
  9. if mum would, I want to buy new eyeglasses, mine has already cracked it spend too much money, and I think mine's still can be used..
  10. finishing my surprise, ta-daaaaaaa! ☑ :p
  11. eat takoyaki, steak, or just... grilled fish ☑ this is why my money... lost
  12. have enough snacks in my room. ☑ thanks mum for it!
  13. give my mum a birthday gift <3 ☑
  14. hang out with mum, one day full, I hope :( ☑ with my brother, too.
  15. go somewhere new? aaah, dream.
  16. getting closer with my 30gen and SJC 18th ;;) ☑ we meet at school everydayy! wowhooo
  17. the last but not least.. still in love with you, my ugly-handsome-cute-boy :) ☑

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