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date : 31 May 2011 *yow-hooow! the last day of May. welcome June o:)
mood : swing, but 80% happy 
place : in front if my fish pool, dizzy :|

goodmorning, whole world. how r y today? I'm fine. with all those messy things, I'm still fine, hey. after I got many bad news yesterday, yeah, I'm still alive. I'll try my best for keep me works :) cheer up, INTENNN! I know you can do it all. with your bestbestbestbest partners and friends, absolutely ┐('⌣'┐) (┌'⌣')┌ skip.. don't tell a sad story too much, or my sister will complain me in this. :D

today is the last day of May, geez. why the time runs so quickly? I have too MANY things to do with a bit time. grrr.............. err, wait!!!! is it rain? yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm blogging when it's rain! I LOVE RAIN. so I'll increase my mood until it's... 90%, maybe? thankyou God, you give me rain when everything could makes me cry :DDD about the monthly wishes, have you made it, heh? I think I don't have any wishes except more money at June, and everything'll work well everyday.. let's greet the June with a big big smileeee :)) btw.. I have to cheering up someone. but, the truth is it's hard to do. I'm in my lowest state this time. I'm sorry if I can't keep you smile everyday, or add your problem. I didn't mean like that, I'm just.. need a moodbooster too. thanks 

I'll go to Angie's with friends for 2 hours again and I'm still in front of you, writing and writing until my friends texted me to get prepare quickly.. ergh
thanks for sharing! make me better.

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