helloooowww, blogeey

hellooo hellooo hellooooooooooo! can't imagine that the final test's overrrrr XD
now I can post MANY things to you, blogey :D hmm.. how many news? I don't know too. I didn't count it before, just write spontantly. hearr, listen me!!!!

  1. THE FINAL TEST IS OVER. yeah, maybe it's soo last year to talked about but.. I still can't believe this. I'll be XI grade for a few month again <3 *but the reality is I HEART my X grade times. will be missing it!
  2. second, what? maybe the results of the final test is not too bad to me o:) I just failed in history, until now and there're still many results that I don't know -___-
  3. my mom'll get a birthday bash at 21st june, but I don't know what must I give to my super MOM <3<3
  4. I think I'm in love and get hurts.. but forget it. skip it. SKIPPPP ITTT.............
  5. I wanna have a much moneyyy! I want to buy a new bag or jacket, my ex's jacket was lost and I don't know where is it :DD (sorry, by the way for the ex, I've lost your jacket)
ahh... I'm so sleepy right now :o can I stop here? sorry for the small post after the final test, but tomorrow or two days again or one months again, whenever it is, I'll keep posting on you! smoochh xoxo

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