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hello, bugz. how r you, heh? I miss you already. I miss you, damnmuch.
today I have little time to share you my stories, as usual. but.. with a broken mood. is it okay? NOT. actually not.

I have so many problem, that makes me stressed out. it's him. I'd tell you a bunch time about him, bugz. he's changed now. he say everything bad of me, he blamed me, he treat me unwell at school. I can't face it, I'm not that strong enough. I think he's my best brother ever, I think he'll always there for me to help me. OH, he acted like that, the reality is he doesn't keep me, he doesn't love me, he doesn't want to be my brother. cut that crap. so what must I do now? aku KECEWA BERAT sama kamu kak. aku kira, kamu yang bakal nguatin aku dari segala sindir-menyindir yang ada, tp kamu yang malah nyindir aku. ha, aku ketipu. april mop udah lewat bukan, ya? I'll walk on my way alone, now. there's no big brother, blahblahhhhhhhhh. see you soon, kak. I HATE YOU.
ummm.... I think I won't write just about my ex-big bro now, I wanna share sooooooooo-many things to you. yesterday, 18th April 2011, we held rima adilitha's birthday party. we'd successfully made a great surprise for her, and she cried. I love you, x9 love you, everybody loves you, rim! take care for the flight and our gifts, ya :) <3

P.S: keep my your poker face, ten. keep it.

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