such a BITCHY wifi

GuttenMorgen ppls ;)
as usual, a cloudy morning with my broken heart. fuaah! have I already tell you? I'd use wifi now in my house. but it's freaking slutchy! when I tried to connect it, it alwaaaaaaays having a problem, great! but this morning it kinda friendly, i think. so I take my camera quickly and wrote on you!

hmm, today's about my yesterday's. 
I hate yesterday, when I must do many things without sleep, or rest. so when I joined my extras, I drew many things unimportant. good, uh? it's about my suckers friend.

ahh. everytime I look at this picture makes me sad. how can I have a backstabber like you?

ini buat GTD. km yg mulai. aku GAKBAKALAN bs maafin km. uda dikasi jantung minta hati lg. I HATE you!!!!!!

foto ini buat ........... yaah sama sm foto pertama. I thought you're a slut too, girlfie. I can't believing you againnn

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