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MORNING! everybodyyy :)
I hope you have your lucky day today. hmm, tomorrow the school will starts again. boleh ga sekolah ga ma, pa? haha my mother won't give me one school free day for me, I'll kiss you if she will! emm.. where do I start? sebenernya drtd aku sedikit bingung buat milih template baru for mine! blogku tercinta ini, haha dan memang selalu begitu setiap musti ganti templates. and, look my hair. this's not my first bad hair daaay yo knooow!! I hate when there's no shampoo at home. paling benci. yaa susahnya tinggal tanpa mama ya gini, ga ada yang ngatur barang barang di rumah masih ada atau udah habis :| umm.. let's change the topic! I won't tell you my privacy deepest. yaah, you all must know about the tumblr, right?
itu blog yang cool, menurutku sih. foto-foto para tumblr-er nya keren-keren dan susah ditandingin. aku? mau pake my LOVELYEOS60D aja ga tentu bisa buat yang bagus (I've try many times, it's HARDD!) and this day I decided to try makes a good photos like they do on tumblr or weheartit. sebenernyaaaaa, I have one tumblr but I'd rather choose youuu, mrs. diary ;) yang lain bilang pake blogger itu susah tp menurutku tumblr lebih susah. haha :D 
ohh weeell, my friend CYNTIAPUTRIDEVANTY is having a serious heartache. she always fight w her boyfie, hmm pity her.. so I take one photos with my blackberry, to impress what's her damn feeling right now. here it isssss ! gws for ur heartache darlaaa :))

this photo was taken by my eos 60d, w my brother's blackberry. see the ext. if you feel the same, just save this picture and get it as your display picture B)

I took this photo at mr.GOOGLE. the man who knows everything haha
oyaa, this's one of tumblr-er's photo juga! cool, right?

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