I can't through this all.rasanya di bulan ini aku sering sekali ketiban sial, please rmember 22th january is my birthday world, don't makes me sad ;( I haven't feel like this bfore. inguh, galau, dkk dsb dlm 1 hari penuh. naik turun gini hidupku. but i still havin my girlfie here thanks much ;))
even my mum has given me a new camera, it doesnt mean that I'm in a happy condition. masalaaaah terus. can you IMAGINE that?! semua bilang sabar, you can do this, keep tryin, but I can't. the truth is I can't.. I'm sorry if I can't be whatever u want, girls, boys. but I love you both! it's meaningful you both are here to be with me. thanks fo AyuLaras, RimaAdilitha, RaniaAyu, SinthaDewi, YudiaTriana, CyntiaDevanty, also my Brahmantari's, she's my best quotes. haha :D
umm, today, I am traveling my friend's blog, like Asrithari Dewi's, Rania's, Dentria's, and the others. I see theirs blog are very nice, but mine is not as good as them :|
so.. starts from, Why I made a BLOG?
1. because.. I can't help myself online and oooonline
I can't keep myself open my notebook and write manythings indeed. can I say, mmm.. netholics?
2. Ms. Words Isn't Amazing
I don't like write my days in Ms. Word. yes, I did it when I didn't know internet yet, but when I knew what is blogger.com, I think I must leave my Ms. Word NOW. RIGHT NOOOOWWW!!
3. I Do Love Sharing My Days
I love shared anythings with myfriends, so I'm here to shared anythings with you. you're my friends, my life, my blogs. I don't know what the huglahugla's people do when they're in a such fucking mood, I know in that era there's no blog, internet, or.. what else?
maybe you'll call me a freshmen, a child, oh, not the professional one. but, hell, this is me. I don't care with what the others do in their blog. I do love blogging w my own way, just remember when you take other's idea, you won't love your things. (*this is for someone, right.. the one who's.. oh. forget.) so I'm sorry if my blog isn't as nice as the others, just keep trying! ;)


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