lazy sunday ♥

hm, well blogs. I can;t stop write something on you this sunday. I'm bored with my activities, I'm bored because there's no him anymore. so I woke up at 4.57 a.m, too morning for my sunday's. grrr I hate being wake up too quick. so I took my phone and check it. there's stilla no BBM, mention, or YM from someone, geez. It's wasting time you know, wait for something impossible! then I go to bathroom, as usual. I waited my mom for 3 hours and we went everywhere for two hours. (I won't tell you a much, kay ;) we got nothing, and here I am! at hotspotty, besides IHP's (check it at 4sq haha) do you know ? I write something on my drawing book before I share this on you. it's about, missing someone impossible :')

hah, maybe if you look what I've done you will see how bored am I. oh well, and I forget tomorrow's still exam for me, HAHAHAHAHA. I'm so stupidly in love -or what?! geez. hmmm, wish us luck for tomorrow please god :) especially for X9, hear me I MISS YOU ALL! I want to have a crazy time with you both again. let's watch harpot's 7th after we had done our exams pal ;)

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