gutten morgen bloggers!
hmm, today was a hard day to me .
he's gone for many times and I don't know why :(
hh, I know he's ill now but I can't keep this. I miss him, for sure.
so I heard broken hearted's song everytime and everytime. until it makes me wanna cry but I can't. haha :')
I know I'm nothing. I know I'm not someone that he must tell about everythings, so I keep silent.
wait for his respects, dududududu ~

some lyrics that cut my heart :
"it's like he doesn't hear a word i say, his mind is somewhere far away, and i don't know how to get there"
-wouldn't change a thing (Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas)
"oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes"
-thinking of you (Katy Perry)

"The way he's always in my head like a Bluetooth"
-all about him (Auburn)

"I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about"
-tear drops on my guitar (Taylor Swift)

hmm, I forget to tell you all, we're closed because he always talks about his exgirlfie with me. hmm..
it's nerd and weird. I think the other girls won't love someone that talks about the girl he loved in front us. am I stupid? tell me and I will not believe this. if he loved his ex, I'll keep supported him. it's sound cliche, but I'll try to do my best. God bless me and will give me the best for someday, I believe :)
*NB : hear me I miss you☺

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