make your own flower crown

kay. this's so lame, maybe. but I just have a good mood, so.... here it is, how you make your own flower crown! hope it'll help ;)
what you need:
  1. plastic/real flower
  2. flower wire
  3. scissor
  4. double-tip
what you need to do:
  1.  first, you need to make sure the length of your head and measure it with the flower wire, and cut it to the same size. (if the flower wire is thin, you need to double it to make the flower crown more strong.)
  2. then you just need to twist the flower with the flower mire, one by one, until it's full.
  3. after your flower wire's not showed anymore, you need to add the ribbon to make it easier (when you have to share the flower crown with your friends, and you have another head size) to used.
  4. finally you just need to make it neat, so it'll look cute on photos!
it's easy, right? maybe I'll post some tutorial again next time, if I have a good mood, also the things I need to make some diy things. thankyou for reading!

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  1. Where did you bought the flowers?