so busy

hello fellassss! long time no news from the eyeglasses's girl, rite?
I miss to write on you, I miss having an idea and tell you then. now I'm busy with my sims 3. (who the hell doesn't know this game?) got it? my sims 3 are rianna, koff, minnie, and sierra. they're family and loved each other, although rianna's minnie's stepmother and sierra's minnie's half-sister. playing sims 3 can give you a lesson how to be a good people, without forgetting friends and family. anw, rianna is 3stars-celebrity and minnie is 1star-celebrity. cool, eh? I want minnie be a cool stylist like her mom, or a good militarian people like her father. so sorry I couldn't give ya the screenshot, nextime I wish!
ah yeah, and yesterday me with sintha and tolek went to watch dbl together. my other best-best-bestie dea, is one of the cheers club so she must be cheer up the basket team :D goodluck, deanya! we have fun together and make appointment that we must go to beach, whenever it is. I hope we can go together again, errr... just it for my post today! I want to style another sims by rianna carlson;) bye!xoxo keep reading <3

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