sweeter in december

Become Sweeter On December
Since I never really cared about you for those months, I’ve changed the face of my blog, tadaaaa! Isn’t it sweet, the color? My mood’s swinging for the sweeter one this December. But I think my header isn’t fit anymore with the layout, eh?

This month, I always craving for something sweet like sugar, chocolates, ice creams, candies, even sweet Korean drama. I think I’m not the only one that feel this, because it’s December, hey! Christmas, new year eve, and HOLIDAY (read it with loudly happy scream) what a sweet one. I always want to go everywhere with my friends, watch movies all day long, and have a quality time with my family, also gp shopping with my sister, she’ll do the best for it. I’ve been so busy without no reason lately, and now I feel so bored to stay in lonely big house with 3 people in it. Well, I have so many list that I wish I can do for the holiday like… ah, don’t mind. It’s too much and maybe it won’t be released. Last Monday when I’ve finally passed my final exams at school, there was an accident when my mom called by a stranger that say I’m about to die. And when my family arrived at school and see me at my exams room, they know the stranger just want money. How can there’s a people that plays another people’s life to get money? I hope that stranger will get their karma. Ah, so many things that I can’t tell you, blogey. Maybe next time there’ll be an amazing surprise that makes me feel happy, me and you are hoping for that!
So, what’s ur story? Xoxo! Alotoflove <3

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