hey blogeeey! how I miss you since I never post anything on you <3
dyou remember what date it is? yup! it's 7th day of December, and it means that I'm in my 3rd months anniversary with the only one, gorilla. they may say it's just the beginning, or too short, or anything else but I just say I'm happy. I'm happy cause I can keep this amazing relationship, although we had so many problems and fights before. would you congratulate me? and for those three months, he gave me a card and a cute domo-kun  sweater. you need the pictures? sorry, it's washed just now. all I can say is thankyou, thankyou! for being understand me for these months, for keep supporting me each days. happy 3 months anniversary yana :)<3


  1. Happy 3months anniversary Inten&Yana. Salam ya untuk Yana semoga fks nya sukses ;)

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    Meisa K :)