ketika kamu ingin mendukungnya, namun tak rela

halo, blogeey:)
I'm in my bad mood today. you already know that I have a boyfriend, and I love him much, yeah.
and now.. he'll be something, something important and busy, something that makes him couldn't be with me every time. am I that selfish, wishing he'll always stay beside me? I had thought to break up with him, until he don't became that something. I know how it feels too, when you don't have support from someone you love.. so here I am, getting confused by this things. can you tell me how to support him without feeling broken? I just... I just can't. yes, if you say I'm a selfish girl, I always get angry or disappointed if he's busy. ARGHGGGGHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHHH! 

just tell me how.

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