time pass

it's about 2 months became a 2nd grade senior high school's student. what I feel? nothing, I don't like those two months. I can't describe it. when you must have full time to school, and didn't get nothing for it. and you can't meet your mom at saturday, because of the schools stuff. what the bloody hell. I miss my first grade moments, when everything seems to be OK. at that grade, I can meet my mom, I didn't feel lonely, I didn't know what's the real enemy mean, I can meet my friends and have our quality time for many times, and get laugh naturally. *sigh. I still could smile even it's hard, or there's another stuff's waiting for me. my friends supported me. and now? everything broken. I never have a quality time with my best friends since I stay in 2nd grade. what will you do, when you heard that 2nd grade is the best year ever in Senior High School? for me? I know, and the words're totally shits. you won't know what I mean, untill you see what I did for this 2 months.

  • wake up at 5.30, and go to school and 6.42 (I never go to school at 6.42 when I was 1st!)
  • studied and studied, get bored, fall asleep at class. 
  • the bell's ringing! time to go home. I really want to stay at homeee!
  • home. bored. ah, I should stay at school until evening for tomorrow.
  • 7.45 p.m, I'm sleepy....
  • sleep, and wake up again at 5.30
so, what's that? routines? GAH. I need my happy days back! 

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