untitled II

goodnight blogeeeey
I think it seems a year without sharing stories on you
tonight, my mood's being so randomly
after reading other's blog, or eat, or watch tv, or pray, yeaaaaah there's so many things I did! but it can't help me to feel this mood. should I give up, eh? I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for sure I love him who can't be mine, they told me. I smile, and laugh for many times, and sad for little time when I'm with him. there's nobody told me directly, like "hey, you shouldn't be with him!" but I really mean it when someone says that I shouldn't be with him indirectly.. hm, I called it they told me softly, that I can't be. and will never be, maybe? argh. cut that crap. I can't share it againnnnn, my mood's reaally sucks this night. gbye

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