remember me -X9

good evening, universe :))
today's a great day, to share you some story of me when I'm in my holly-daaaay :D
the 1st fact :


really, I miss our moments. when we're sitting in front of class and sing together, when we tell a hugeeeee secret, when I eat bunch of spaghetti, when we're going to beach, or just watch movie, or just stay in class and have many funny stories together. ARGGGH! there's toooooo many stories, and I miss them badly :( little bit regret when I can't have a good time for one week ago in class.. sorry, dear
kamu sangat berarti, istimewa di hati, selamanya rasa ini. jika tua nanti kita tlah hidup masing-masing, ingatlah hari ini... -project pop
 this song's specially dedicated to my XIX, X9 :') remember meeee!!!!! semoga banyak yang sekelas lagi ya. semoga nanti kita ada kumpul sehari ajaaaa.... kangenn lo :(

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