holiday's target

  1. allready wear brackets.. urgh. BUT I MUST! T-T
  2. save much money for girls day out ;)
  3. have a reunion with my avolution, hopefully
  4. fully rested.. without no illness
  5. go to school with smile! no doubt
  6. hang out with sintha, dea, tolek, icha, frang, rania, rima, X9 absolutely!
  7. get new school stuff, such as the uniforms, shoes, and.. bag
  8. buy new marker, spectra papers, and it must complete T-T
  9. if mum would, I want to buy new eyeglasses, mine has already cracked
  10. finishing my surprise, ta-daaaaaaa!
  11. eat takoyaki, steak, or just... grilled fish
  12. have enough snacks in my room.
  13. give my mum a birthday gift <3
  14. hang out with mum, one day full, I hope :(
  15. go somewhere new? aaah, dream.
  16. getting closer with my 30gen and SJC 18th ;;)
  17. the last but not least.. still in love with you, my ugly-handsome-cute-boy :)

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