my July wishes, hopes, and dreams

it's almost july. whoaaa so quick, eh? with all the routines (that I'd love maybe) in school, with sister, or mum, or just sit in front of my laptop just to share a story-or some? I'm happy for this holiday. I'll try to accept what I must do, and yeah. I'm happy then :) but.. in every happiness, there's the other wishes too, to make our happiness decrease more and more :3 like, my wishes and hopes and dreams from the 7th month in one year, my charming number. :
  1. I'll have the new stuff into my bedroom- or just for the studying room 
  2. I can save my much money and get the positive effects into my life :D
  3. get no illness, yeaaah it's almost first school day, too!
  4. get the good class with Rimaaaa my seatmates huhuhu I need Rima T-T
  5. CAR! i need my private car :3
  6. nothing best without my luckycharming yanapratama
  7. my life would has a great, great, greaaaaaaat journey.....
how bout ur dream, friends? btw, I wanna cheer up many friends of me like:
Sintha Dewi, cheer up for that bad bad bad things ! I'll keep you strong :D
Rania Ayu & Ita Purnama & Putri Ristiyana, cheer up for limas yaaaa, 18 loves you <3
Sitha Medha, Ardi, Bima and me, cheer up for us! for the almost 80 person that gives their trust to us.
Putri Parameswari for your sadness on your blog... I believe you can do it well, partner! :D
and for all the people who read this, cheer up for all your problems or cheer up for what you have do. just can't wait the 7th month!

 source : weheartit

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