finally, one family trip

26th June 2011, yeeaaahhh. finally me and my big family went to taman safari to have our first holiday trip. well, it's funtastic. there's so many cute fish, bear, scared by lion, or another animals. we watch some attraction there, and we watch the theater too. wow, YOU MUST SEE THE THEATER's show! it's about Balinese story.
hm.. a little problem, my feet was sick because we must walk for long trip and my shoes isn't good for that. geez.. here's our awesome photos!

me with my sister, Putri Purwanthi
me with my cousin, kak winda :D

awah, mum, me, bayu, kak winda, and iwak

kak poe, me, bayu, mum, yoga

piranha feeding time

in front of what-the-name fish pond

kak poeee

in front of Bali Agung Theater Ticketing

with elephant statue, elephant village

look for the bear! I want this one



education show

the visitors


mum, bayu and iwak

me and yoga when I try to get the meat of coconut (I don't know the name)

this one! can't wait

kak poe and kak winda

me, yoga, kak poe

kak poe, me, yoga

the elephant show

african dance

african dance

on the "fun zone" bridge

white lion feeding time
funny trip! but I can't take the Bali Agung Theater's show because we can't bring our phones, or camera inside. it's about the legend of Barong Landung. and they used the animal to make the show's more funtastic. at the end, we bought some food to eat at Lebih Beach, and go home than. thanksssss, fam! :D

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